“Scars, emotional or physical, tell the story of where you’ve been.
They don’t dictate where you are going.”

- Author Unknown

Hi, I am Jackie, the founder of The Supportive Mama, and I am so glad you’ve found me. I am a Certified Professional Coach who helps women who are trying to conceive, avoid feeling completely stuck and just wishing for things to be different in their lives. 

I also provide ongoing support for miscarriages, pregnancy and new mamas after infertility treatment; because lets face it, your crazy and stressful fertility journey doesn’t just stop when you finally get pregnant.

Who is helping you navigate through LIFE and continue to see the light during your darkest days? The sad truth is, mental and emotional health of fertility treatment programs are often not addressed on any level.

I am here to provide you support and actual tools that will give you back control of your emotions and help you move forward, so you are ready and strong for any part of your mommyhood journey. Having a healthy YOU is most important.

Please navigate through the site to find support for wherever you are in your journey. If you are interested in my coaching programs, please click on the “Personal Coaching Program” or “Contact Me” links. You can also email me at Jackie@thesupportivemama.com.

I look forward to getting to know you and your story. I am here for you, because I have been there, too